I have sensitive skin, is traditional shaving good for me?

Man I have to tell you, it amazes me sometimes at how well the big razor companies have convince an entire generation of young people that somehow they need to use a five blade razor in order to get the smoothess shave, nothing could be further from the truth!

If you’re a person with sensitive skin, using a razor like a traditional safety razor, is only going to be better for your skin. A safety razor uses a single blade to do the shaving with much less drag than a multi-blade razor. Multi-blade razors have a tendency of cutting below the skin thereby causing issues such as irritation and impact hairs, this is something most guys using a traditional razor usually don’t contend with.

In addition, most shaving creams used by traditional shavers contain moisturizers which are better for the skin than cheap foam shaving creams. If you haven’t given traditional shaving a try, why not, you’ll probably never go back to multi-blade razors!