The Shaving Den at the Halifax Forum

It was a great day at the Halifax Forum Market on Sunday. I hesitated going into a Flea market as I really wasn't sure if that would be the right venue as most flea markets I've attended focus on low cost items where most people are expecting to pay a few cents to a few dollars. Not only that, but who says flea market and traditional wet shaving in the same sentence, well I guess I do because I was there. Mostly I was looking for exposure and I believe I accomplished what I set out to do. I handed out a lot of business cards and met two local barbers while I was at it, oh yeah, and I did sell a little product too which is always nice. 

I think the biggest surprise for me is how many people stopped by my table and were surprised that you can still buy a traditional razor, there must be a lot of people thinking that way as I had a couple show up to my house a couple of weeks ago and tell me they had been searching for two weeks for a safety razor, honestly, I didn't really think they were that hard to find. That's another thing I've learned, don't assume that everyone uses the Internet the same, they don't. I've had people ordering from every province in the country, and yes, I've sent orders to Vancouver and Goose Bay, Labrador. 

It's been great to make friends while doing this, it's part of the fun!