Father's Day Kit # 2

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So you're looking for that something special for Dad, why not give him a taste of an era gone by with the gift of a quality shaving kit. The Father's Day Kit # 2 gives you something Dad would never expect! Why let the man in your life suffer with skin abrasion of a five blade razor, a Safety Razor is not like the cartridge razor, it's must easier on the Skin, prevent impact hairs, and this one can last a life time. The Father's Day Kit # 2 includes everything a Dad or boyfriend would need to treat his face to something special, something that doesn't come out of a can.

This package starts with the Rockwell Razors 2C Safety Razor with adjustable base. The razor is of a quality you normally only get from razors twice the price. In keeping with a Spring theme, we have included a bar of the Garrison Beer Maple soap, this soap uses Maple Syrup from the Sugar Moon Maple Farm in the Truro area of Nova Scotia.

Safety Razors give a man a much better shave than most cartridge razors as they are a single blade, you face wasn't meant to be dragging three, four or even five blades across it, no wonder so many guys suffer skin irritation every time they go through their shaving ritual! Once done, he'll finish off the save with some Master Well Comb Spice Aftershave and be ready to head out and take on his day!

The Father's Day Kit # 1 includes:
1 - Rockwell Razor 2C Adjustable Safety Razor
1 - Omega Yellow Handle Boar Bristle Shaving Brush
1 - PureBadger Chrome Shaving Stand
1 - PureBadger Cream Color Porcelin Shaving Mug
1 - Garrison Beer Shaving Soap
3 - Packs of Rockwell Razor Blades (5 Packs)

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