Mr Natty Pioneer Soap

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Mr Natty Pioneer Soap - (120g / 4.2oz)
Made in England

Mr Natty's Pioneer Soap is a naturally deodorizing using the "Cold Pressed" method to lock in natural essential oils. Contains Cedarwood, a soft woody oil that has natural astringent properties which is great for oily skin or hair. Pine is a natural antiseptic and deodorizing properties which feel fresh and cleansing. Olive oil hydrates while coconut oil moisturises and gives you the bubbles to get yerself in a right old lather.It’s all good stuff too: No artificial colours or fragrances / no SLS / no parabens / no chemical preservatives / no synthesis additives / no petroleum / no SLES / This soap is made with sustainable palm oil from a RSPO certified supplier.

Who says great things don't come in small packages!